Talking about this topic can be divided into
a few parts such as

Content Advertising vs Content Marketing:

First of all, you got to understand that the content advertising is NOT a content marketing, and the main thing is to learn how to distinguish them. One element that both content marketing and content advertising share, however, is an emphasis on quality and that just gives us more headache when trying to make a difference between them.

So let's say that content marketing is a core element of inbound marketing, which itself is designed to be as minimally disruptive to consumers as possible - Traditional advertising, on the other hand, is often intentionally disruptive, designed to capture the attention of viewers and entice them to take action.

Content advertising vs native advertising:

The appearance of these new terms is always tricky, and some still ask: "Isn’t content advertising just native advertising with a new name? Well, it's not:

Native advertising succeeds by blending in with truly organic content in a seamless way that most consumers would fail to notice, while Content advertising, on the other hand, should (in theory) be indistinguishable from organic content marketing in the eyes of the consumer.

The advantages of content advertising:

Arguably the biggest advantage that content advertising has over content marketing is the fact that it doesn’t rely on search or discoverability – at all. Another advantage of this aspect of content advertising is that it enables you to zero in on laser-focused topics that may be considered too niche to succeed organically.

The disadvantages of content advertising:

Like all kinds of online marketing, this type also has flaws. The biggest is definitely the challenge of creating quality content. That's a pretty hard thing to do, and pretty expensive too, because if you want to succeed you need to hire top-class experts which will make a significant hole in your budget.

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