After several other types of online marketing, it's time to talk about one of the oldest ways to improve your business. Whether your goal is brand building or generating leads, you’ll have to learn how to create engaging and eye-catching ad creative, target the right audience and wrap it together in a funnel that generates results. That's the proven process that will help you grow in every way. So let's begin:

What is Display advertising?

First, we have to mention that Display advertising is the oldest form of advertising on the web. It has been the biggest source of income for a large number of online publishers. Like for all other types, the core definition is not easy to define, but this is the closest as it gets: Display advertising is a method of attracting the audience of a website, social media platform or another digital medium to take a specific action. You can figure out that these campaigns are mostly made up of text, image, or video advertisements which will encourage the user the click and land to your homepage in order to take action. It's important to mention that they can also be used for retargeting - in simple words: to be served to users who have already visited a specific location and to make them come back.

Now, when we have cleared up what Display Advertising really is, let's talk about the process which is necessary to follow in order to create successful campaigns and to gain profit.

- Sales Funnel and Display Ad Strategy

Of course, the first thing to determine is goals. Here is very important to understand that the average click-through ratio is only 0.06%. Yeah, the Display Advertising is aiming for quantity! And also, it's important to tell that the retargeting can go up to 480% ROI. So, the most important thing is to determine your goals because your strategy will depend on it.

- Display Network Targeting

You simply HAVE TO do it right! Display advertising is a visual-based means of promoting your brand by using banners, images, and buttons. In order to start, you have to work with a display ad network to reach customers. Once you contact them, you will provide all specifications important for targeting and then the rest is on them. That's just the whole process in a nutshell, but let's disassemble it in order to make it clear: 1. Keyword targeting: used to serve your ads alongside content on websites which contain your keywords. 2. Demographic targeting: Allows you to target an audience based on a website or audience’s basic demographic profile. 3. Placement Targeting: This allows you to choose which websites your display ads will appear on. 4. Topic Targeting: Allows users to target a group of websites that have a similar topic. 5. Interest targeting: because of Google's features, you will be able to serve your ads to the users based on their interests. 6. Audience targeting: Basically, this is remarketing and it allows you to target users who have already visited your site.

- Creating Awesome Ad Creative

Creating an awesome Ad creative is as important as all above-mentioned. You have to create something that is eye-catchy and that will attract users and make them click on your ad in simple words.

- Effective landing pages

Ok, you have set all perfectly, you have excellent and effective display campaign and the users are clicking on it. Great! Now, you have to have an effective landing page in order to convert these clicks into customers and leads. Landing pages are the lifeblood of any marketing campaign, especially PPC ads. And display ads are no different. With all these conditions fulfilled, your display campaign will work nicely and you will be satisfied with the growth of your business.

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