If you are in need of reliable, professional and profitable Pay Per Click Management services, but feel the whole process is too complicated to see it through clearly, you came to the right place.

Digital Media Strategies is here to

Our experts will work with you to review your existing set-up in order to determine what strategy will work best for you. We tailor your PPC campaign to your specific needs and will work closely with you to ensure continuous results.

The process of developing your Pay Per Click campaign has four stages:

1. Mapping out you business' current
status and needs

At the very beginning of the PPC campaign development, our team starts out with a consultation process to understand your business and your objectives. We begin this with an initial brief and an analysis of your previous data. We need to make sure we understand your business, your industry, your market and also your objectives so we could provide you with an outstanding PPC campaign.

2. Determening your ROI and CPA

The information on what you require back from your investment is key to achieving a tailor made PPC campaign. When our team is developing your strategy, we need to know what your ROI requirements are (the percentage you require in return for what you spent), and what your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) should be, which is, simply put, the cost of acquiring one customer. Knowing these factors, our team can put together the most suitable PPC strategy for your particular business.

3. Outlining the build and implementation of
your PPC campaign

This is the challenge our team is set to conquer to their best ability. Constructing the build and planning out the implementation for your custom made PPC advertizing and campaign is the stage that is the foundation to your future success. The build is the basis you will later generate ROI/CPA on. Our PPC management service will use several research tools, different management techniques for long and short tail searches, to ensure your build potential reaches its maximum. The implementation strategy will establish an optimum launch mechanism for your PPC campaign.

4. Optimization of your

With your Pay Per Click account implemented and running, it is important to constantly keep track of it and make sure it is optimized. Whether it is a larger or smaller campaign, we will ensure it is running at optimal capacity with our PPC account management methods which entail both manual optimization and software optimization. These techniques will maximize your ROI/CPA and Click-Through-Rate, while reducing your Cost-Per-Click, so your business could bloom to its fullest potentials.

These stages are required in order for our team to be able to give you recommendations on your account structure (keywords, ad groups, campaigns), your bidding strategy, ad creative and landing page effectiveness, keyword reach and Quality Score (Quality Index) by keyword; all important factors in achieving a maximum efficiency marketing campaign.

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