Push Notification ads are the new and modern way of advertising. A utilized marketing tool that helps with re-engagement of apps on your device. Traditional display ads can be seen only when you use some app or visit a website, but Push Notification ads give you an opportunity to reach to inactive users as the ads are displayed as part of notifications on a device. What are Push Notification Ads? In shortly, those are clickable messages that come from some websites and will alert you as a notification even if you don’t open that particular page. This concept is well known on mobile devices for some time and development engineers had to invent themselves how to communicate with users through their web browsers. Now we have on-site notifications that only work when you are on a particular page that has notifications and push notifications, that are more popular and useful and that doesn’t require you to have that site open in the browser all the time.

Almost everyone these days has experienced that some website page asked you for permission to send you notifications in the future. There are many distribution versions available to display push notifications to the user: - App Developers can send Push Notification to their users via an SDK (Software Development Kit) - Website owners can deliver Push Notification ads through Chrome browser on your device

Most important for all versions of sending push notifications is that you give them an opt-in audience, and as a user, you can also opt-out of push notifications at any time through notification settings.

The whole concept actually comes down to two key APIs and service worker. Notification API that is in charge to display a message and Push API in charge to deliver a message to a client from a server through a push service used by a client itself ( web browser). But for all that to work, there is also a service worker, a special script that web browsers run in the background and separately from the web pages. Service worker itself allows message to be delivered regardless of whether webpage, from which the message comes, is at all open in the web browser.

Push Notifications can indeed be very useful. They always should be timely, precise and relevant, just to have what user agreed to and really needs or effect can be counterproductive. Push Notifications Ads are one of most efficient ways in advertising now and many companies use them for campaigns.

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